women and menstruation



Published: 26 July 2022
Medium: Digital Painting
Size: 12×8 inches
Resolution: 200

The customs towards women in this country have made their life difficult. When an incident was revealed in a media report in 2019, I was very surprised. That 2019 report said that thousands of women working in sugarcane fields had their uterus removed through surgery to avoid menstruation. It was a very painful incident, which inspired me to make this painting. This incident was from Maharashtra. The womenโ€™s problem was that they could get regular work in the sugarcane fields. The report said that tens of thousands of poor families migrate from districts like Solapur, Sangli, Osmanabad, Beed to the affluent western region of the state where they find work for six months in sugarcane fields. Once they arrive, their lives are in the hands of greedy contractors who leave no opportunity to exploit them. Sugarcane harvesting is hard work, so they are indifferent to giving work to women and another reason is also that women do not come to work for one or two days during menstruation. Not only this, even in urban areas in our country, women are not allowed to enter the place of worship and kitchen of the house during menstruation. Talking about some hilly areas of Himachal, in such a situation they are forced to live in a separate room away from home. It is the duty of a civilized and modern society to understand this pain and suffering of women and we need to be aware in this matter.

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